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Most Popular Kratom Strains

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Buy Kratom Extracts Popular Kratom Strains

If you've recently discovered the benefits of using kratom, you may be wondering which products are most popular among regular users. At Buy Kratom Extracts, our customers have chosen four powerful strains that represent the very best that kratom has to offer. 

Maeng Da

Maeng Da is a unique kratom strain that was developed over decades of careful crossbreeding and grafting in Indonesia. Many people find it balances mental and physical stimulation with pain relief, while most other kratom strains are designed to do only one or the other. The Royal Kratom Extract Liquid Gold Shot Tincture is derived from the Maeng Da strain. 


Another popular kratom strain is the Green Malay Strain, brought to us from its native land of Malaysia. The leaves of the Malay strain are particularly potent thanks to a heavier concentration of alkaloids. People who suffer from chronic pain often use Malay Kratom Kaps to keep them going without the sedative effects of other prescription drugs. 


Bali Kratom took off many years ago due to the fact that it was extremely easy to produce. It is one of the best kratom strains available for the price, and is used for a wide range of symptoms ranging from appetite changes to stress relief. This garden variety kratom is a good starting place for anyone who has never used kratom before. 


Finally, the Indo strain of kratom is another very popular option here at Buy Kratom Extracts for people who suffer from anxiety or need a boost to their mood. It is considered a long-lasting pain reliever for those who want to go extended periods without having to take more Kratom Kaps

Buy Kratom Extracts

These are just four of the most popular kratom strains here at Buy Kratom Extracts. Each one can be further broken down into various tiers of potency based on the color of the leaves and other qualities of the plant. Some strains are used for pain relief while others are more often used for mood disorders or relaxation. You should consult with a kratom expert before you buy so you can get the products you need the first time.

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