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Strain Spotlight: Indo Kratom

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Indo Kratom Strain Spotligh Buy Kratom Extracts

Indonesia is home to some of the oldest kratom growers in the world. Thanks to Indonesia's perfect climate, kratom has long grown in the wild throughout the Southeast Asia country. This has resulted in a variety of kratom plants in the region that offer exceptional qualities. Today, those plants are being actively harvested and farmed for export. 

About Indo Kratom

Indo kratom has become a huge part of the kratom industry thanks to its long lineage. The current generation of Indo is used to create both kratom powder and kratom extracts for personal use. It is being widely used for relaxation and mood-lifting purposes.

Unlike other kratom strains, Indo seems particularly effective without the heavy-handed side effects, such as nausea. People who frequently use Indo kratom say that it has a pure, direct effect. 

Choosing Indo Kratom

You may notice that even within the Indo category there are several different options. This is because kratom harvested from different areas in Indonesia has taken on different traits. There are green, white and red vein varieties available, and you will likely see names like Bali and Borneo used to differentiate between kratom products that came from the region. 

Buy Kratom Online offers Indo kratom in a variety of forms. You can choose from either 20- or 50-gram capsules. The 20-gram caps are a great way to start if you have never used Indo before. It will give you a feel for the effects so you will know what to expect. If you are more experienced with kratom, a 50-gram cap may be more your style. 

If you are interested in trying Indo kratom for yourself, we invite you to check out Buy Kratom Extracts today and see our full selection of Indo kratom products. Remember that in addition to our regular Indo kratom strains, there are a number of regional varieties also available on our site.

We invite you to read reviews from some of our other customers and see for yourself what people are saying about these incredible Indo kratom products for their stress and pain. 


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