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Strain Spotlight: Malay

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Malaysian kratom is one of the most unique forms of the kratom plant now available to consumers. This plant has both energy-boosting and soothing properties at different dosages, so it can be a multipurpose treatment. Of the many different types of kratom available, the Malay kratom strain is one of the most powerful and versatile strains out there. 

Origins of Malay Kratom

Malay kratom is found throughout Malaysia and has large, bright green leaves with robust white and red veins. The kratom plant grows wild in Malaysia due to the humidity and rich soil of the area, allowing the plants to grow larger than many other regions around the world. It has also led to significant crossbreeding of plants, leading to a concentration of the most powerful chemicals within the leaves. 

Effects of Malay Kratom

When it comes to using Malay kratom, you need to understand that this particular strain works on a curve. At a low dosage, it can be energy boosting. It can also be used to improve your mood, give you a euphoric feeling and get you up and moving for the day. For instance, some people use Malay kratom before going for a long run. On the other hand, at a high dosage, this strain has the opposite effect. It can be very soothing, helping you relax and sleep better. 

The key to using Malay kratom to your benefit is learning your personal threshold between where it is stimulating and where it is calming. It is a matter of balancing the dosage and applying it differently at different times of day to get the best results. 

How to Take Malay Kratom

The simplest way to experience the effects of Malay kratom is with kratom capsules. You can take a capsule at any time and feel the effects within minutes. It can also be found in powder form for those who prefer to mix it into a drink or meal.

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