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Club 13 KVape Kratom Red Vein

Club 13 KVape Kratom Red Vein

  • $24.99

Club13 proudly introduces KVape Concentrate, the first kratom vape in preloaded 1ml cartridges. Each pack contains a reusable battery, USB charger, and a 1ml tank of a red vein maeng da kratom utilizing 25 raw grams per cartridge. Our KVape Concentrate is enhanced with a strawberry and cream flavor, and though not as powerful as traditional forms of kratom in capsules or powder. Simply take 4-7 puffs to activate the formula, and puff accordingly to enhance your favorite traditional kratom or enjoy it by itself on the go.


Use in moderation. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery. Do not interact if using prescription medication, pregnant or nursing. Research kratom before use.

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