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Club13 Shaka Akuamma Capsules

Club13 Shaka Akuamma Capsules

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If you are looking for an alternative to kratom our Shaka Akuamma is an excellent choice.  Akuamma is known to have similar yet more mild properties than kratom.



Akuamma (Picralima Nitida) shares similar attributes to kratom with its primary alkaloid, akuammine, having a very similar chemical structure to mitragynine, one of the primary alkaloids in kratom. Akuamma has been used as a natural way to relieve discomfort in much the same way kratom has for many generations. Native to western African, Akuamma seeds impact the mu opioid receptors in the brain, making them effective for those who are seeking a natural alternative to manage temporary discomfort.  We source our akuamma directly from growers and test every batch rigorously.



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