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Subtropical Topical Kratom Botani Balm

Subtropical Topical Kratom Botani Balm

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This amazing new Kratom Topical Balm that is it's all natural! Everyone here at our office that has tried this product love it!  Rub a little on and feel better immediately.  This is such an amazing product we know all of you are going to love this new product and the price point is so affordable!
Product Testimonial:
Name: Jeneveve S.

Message: Testimonial

Talk about a product that delivers!! Every time I massage BotaniBalm into the back of my neck, it felt amazing immediately. Then, a minute or two later, I feel the same way on the soles of my feet! Sometimes, it quickly and intuitively travels to other areas where I also did not directly apply product -- like stomach and inner upper arms. I'm curious if others have had this same astonishing experience. What an intelligent, masterfully crafted product. Plus, I really appreciate the lovely, subtle scent and the fact it's not greasy. Thank you!! I'll definitely be ordering more for family and friends. :-)
Only for sale to adults aged 18 and over. 
Do not take if pregnant, breast feeding, operating heavy machinery or motor vehicles.
Consult a physician before taking this product while using prescription medication.
Keep out of the reach of children. Not intended as a replacement for any controlled substance.
This is not to be confused with synthetically-enhanced potpourri or herbal incense.
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NO SYNTHETIC INGREDIENTS & are not meant to replace those that do, or any illegal substance, for that matter.
100% All Natural. Not currently available for sale to AL, AR, IN, TN, VT, or WI.

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