ZEN – Ultra Premium Kratom Extract (5ct)


ZEN – Ultra Premium Kratom Extract (5ct)


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Kratom is a multi-use product that has been growing in popularity among Western civilizations throughout the 20th century. However, it has been used in other parts of the world for centuries, particularly Southeast Asia where it originates. The product comes from a tropical evergreen tree that boasts long leaves and unique buds. Early doctors and healers used the leaves to provide basic pain relief, settle intestinal discomfort and promote overall wellness.

What are the Benefits?

Today extracts like the Zen Ultra Premium Maeng Da Capsules may help people experience relief from chronic pain symptoms, insomnia, mood disorders and more. Many people enjoy using kratom as a natural alternative to pain relief medication or sleep aids. Overall, customers often report increased moods and productivity levels that help them tackle the day. For more information, check out our ZEN Ultra Premium Kratom Extract reviews.

How Do You Use Kratom?

Whether you prefer capsules, powder or liquid extracts, you are bound to find a kratom product that works just for you. Kratom can also be used differently depending on the desired effects. It is recommended that customers start by taking the lowest dose before building up to a suitable level.

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Ingredients: Kratom

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2 reviews for ZEN – Ultra Premium Kratom Extract (5ct)

  1. Chris

    I bought these at a smoke shop once and haven’t been able to find them since! Stoked to have found them again!

  2. Matty C.

    Zen is the perfect name for these, because they chill me right out no matter what. Will be back for more.

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