Kratom Capsules

Buy Kratom Extracts carries all the most popular brands of capsuled extracted kratom products on the market. Our best selling kratom brand is OPMS Kratom, which comes in either the OPMS Silver Malay strain or the Maeng Da Strain. Our best seller is the OPMS Gold Kratom 2 count and OPMS Gold Kratom 5 count capsules. There is also a liquid version that is called OPMS Gold Liquid Kratom, which is our best seller on the website. Phoenix herbal Kratom has a wide variety of different and unique capsuled kratom strains to choose from and they are always coming up with new and exciting products. Club 13 Kratom has the most diverse variety of kratom strains to choose from, we know you will find a favorite once you start sampling from Club13.  Sapphire Botanicals Kratom, which we’ve carried from day one, has an amazing selection of kratom strains with flavored gelatin capsules in every package that makes taking kratom that much more enjoyable. We also carry Medicine Man Kratom and they have a few different amazing strains to choose from including Black Jaguar Kratom, Lone Wolf Kratom, and Double Black Kratom that is a super concentrated extract kratom.