Kratom is a tree grown in Thailand, Indonesia, and surrounding South East Asia Countries. In other words a botanic. Mitragyna speciosa (M.speciosa) is its scientific name. It’s from the same family as the coffee tree!  This perplexing botanic’s photochemical compounds are both energizing as well as relaxing. The understanding of its phytochemical compounds are still evolving as well as being studied. In addition, the leaves have been advantaged for thousands of years by people all over the world.

What Kratom is not

Kratom is still being wrongly mis-categorized as a “synthetic”, a “research chemical”, or worse a “designer drug.” It is absolutely none of these; In fact, kratom is 100% a natural plant that has been used safely for thousands of years. There is also a growing body of clinical studies that outline Kratom’s potential life-saving medicinal properties.

Incorrectly grouping Kratom with dangerous synthetics and placing it into the “Schedule 1” category will prevent any further research on understanding potential medical benefits this plant has already demonstrated as well as already been published.

Something has come up and I need a refund.  How do I do this?

Easy!  If we have not sent the product to you yet, just contact us and we will refund you the full amount the very same day! Refunds are usually added back into your account within 2-3 days depending on your bank.  No need to contact your bank to cancel the order.  Just email us directly and we will be happy to help you out!  We know the unexpected happens and we will gladly give you a full refund no questions asked!  If you have already received your order and would like a refund, please see the question below.

Are products shipped in discrete packaging?

Yes.  Our packages are small white cardboard indestructible boxes that will be delivered by UPS.  The contents of the shipment will not be written on the box.  We will ship discretely under the name “BKE”.

Where is Kratom legal or illegal at in the United States?

Please go HERE to see an updated map of each state.

What can I do to help Kratom stay legal?

Good Question!  Our favorite organization is the “Botanical Legal Defense”.  They are a collection of kratom companies that have bonded together to form this amazing organization and are doing everything in their power to keep kratom legal. Please visit their page, WWW.BOTANICALLEGALDEFENSE.ORG to see what you can do to help. You can also write your congressman or congresswoman to stop misrepresented debarment.

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