OPMS Kratom Silver Thai Capsules


OPMS Kratom Silver Thai Capsules



Earn up to 13 BKE Points Points.

Earn up to 13 BKE Points Points.

OPMS Silver Thai Capsules use only the best white-veined kratom to get you the effect you’ve been looking for. This particular strain comes from Thailand and is reported to give users more of a stimulant effect than others due to its heightened levels of mitragynine. That means a more prominent boost to your mood, energy and retentive abilities for up to 12 hours after use.

What Is Kratom and Why Is it Beneficial?

Kratom is an all-natural product. The kratom tree is a type of tropical evergreen native to a number of South Asian countries, and the leaves can be ground up or made into extracts that serve a number of medical purposes. Depending on how you take OPMS Kratom Silver Thai capsules, customers report a number of different experiences:

  •  Low doses provide a calming effect, acting much like a sedative
  •  Mid-level doses are said to help relieve those suffering from issues such as fibromyalgia
  •  High doses may act as a stimulant, boosting energy levels and mood

This particular product is designed from a rare source of white kratom, which has higher levels of the active ingredient that makes these results possible.

What is Capsulized Kratom?

This product contains capsules of kratom, so use is as easy as swallowing a single pill. The capsules contain kratom that has been dried and then ground down to a fine powder. It’s by far the most convenient way to enjoy this all-natural stimulant.

Try out this excellent kratom supplement today and get the results you’ve really been waiting for. Check out dosage recommendations before use to get the most out of this stronger, bolder experience.

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Ingredients: Kratom

Weight 1.798972061015 oz

30 Capsules – 18g, 60 Capsules – 36g


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