Healing Properties and Effects of Kratom

Kratom plant

The potential health benefits of kratom are suddenly in the spotlight as more and more people discover the natural properties of this plant. Derived from a tree growing throughout Southeast Asia, kratom comes in a variety of forms for consumption, including both powder and pills.

Here are just a few of kratom’s believed benefits:

Pain Relief

Throughout much of Asia, kratom traditionally has been used as a means of pain relief. It has been used in small or large doses as a 100 percent natural means of managing and reducing chronic or temporary pain.

In theory, it works by deactivating pain receptors throughout the body, similar to today’s prescription opioids. Kratom has been used for thousands of years for its benefits, even in the form of simply chewing kratom leaves. 

Heightened Immune System

In addition to directly affecting your body’s pain centers, kratom is also said to heighten your immune system. In small doses it can potentially lower blood pressure, lower blood sugar and assist with weight loss.

Improved Mental Functioning

Another common use for kratom is in dealing with psychological issues and improving mental functioning. Kratom has been speculated to reduce both depression and anxiety. It is said to also heighten awareness and motivation, which are often beneficial for those with busy schedules or those who suffer from fatigue.

Kratom has been in use for many generations, and is now making its way to North America. It is said to be a completely natural way to improve your health and get ahead of daily challenges like depression or chronic pain.

It comes in powder, capsule and liquid forms so you can take it however you like. There are also a variety of different kratom strains with different healing properties. You can even buy kratom-infused products like lip balm and energy shots to get you through the day.  

In the future, there will surely be more research on the positive effects of kratom and oter possible medicinal uses. It already has a significant history worldwide, and is gaining footing throughout the U.S. with every passing day.